Friday, March 22, 2013

Hello new journey ! :)

Hello everyone !
Sooooo, what is my next plan?
Spm result pun dah dapat,oh maybe I`ll take driving licence. InsyaAllah..
Orang lain semua dah boleh drive, me baru nak belajar
I`ve been thinking, apa la future saya after this
I hope that I`ll be someone who can make my family,my friends and Malaysia proud of
InsyaAllah, I know that Allah have his own plan for me.
"Your life journey baru nak mula" Everyone told this to me,especially my mom
So natasha are you ready to start your journey ?
Me not sure yet, as long as my family and my friends be by my side, InsyaAllah I`m ready :)
And yeah, boleh la cari someone special after this.Dah lepas spm kot...Boleh dikira masa yang sesuai ni
Haha, we`ll see, ada jodoh ada la. Bak kata pepatah "ada jodoh tak kemana '
But the most important thing I`ve to do after this is further my study ! Right ?
Fikir betul betul what me want to do , you the one who can decide your future natasha
So let see, what natasha will be 10 years from now :-)
Pray for my success everyone!

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